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My Story

Welcome ! I am Krista Buda, LCSW owner and founder of Alternative Healing. I have a Masters in Social Work with a specialization in trauma. I am currently working on my PhD dissertation in Integrative medicine and have completed a year long training under MAPS and the Integrated Psychiatry Institute in Psychedelic therapy. I have worked in three different continents with survivors of sexual assault and trafficking, people working on their mental health, sense of self and connection with others.  I have dedicated my practice to learning under a variety of healers in indigenous practices, eastern medicine, trauma therapy specialties and have combined them to offer a space for a variety of healing tailored to the individual and their needs.

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My Approach

I meet clients wherever they may be in their personal journey. I offer a safe space with informed practices for mental health, relationships issues, identity exploration. I have specialty in working with alternative lifestyle communities (poly, kink, LGBTQ) and I have extensive experience working with clients who have multiple diagnoses.

I offer traditional therapy where we can process and talk.

I specialize in trauma and relational modalities such as EMDR and parts work.  I am capable of providing integration support for a variety of non-ordinary states of consciousness.

Contact me for more information on plant medicine and integration session options.

I offer ceremonies and wellness coaching for those looking to take their health and wellbeing beyond the emotional/mental. This can be remote or if in the Ogden/Salt Lake area can be in person as well.

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